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Owner's Manual

  • What can you learn from a personality profile?
  • Results of the MPM Personlity Test
  • How to use your MPM Owner's Manual for maximum benefit

Personality Types

  • What are personality types?
  • Enneagram Personality Types
  • Jungian Personality Types / Myers Briggs Types
  • DISC

   Enneagram Personality Types -> 9 types

   Jungian Personality Types (Myers Briggs Types) -> 16 types

   Jungian Preferences - Descriptions of E/I, N/S, T/F, P/J

Personality Traits

  • What is a personality trait?
  • Examples of Personality Traits

Personality Theories

  • What is Personality?
  • Main Theories
  • Enneagram Theory
  • Jungian Theory
  • Myers Briggs Theory
  • Big Five Theory
  • DISC Theory
  • Emotional Intelligence

Online Personality Test

  • What to expect from the MPM test

Personality Testing

  • Personality Tests Online
  • Quality of Personality Tests

Personal Development

  • A Personal Growth Path
  • Improving Self Awareness

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



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