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Personal Development

Personal development involves becoming the person we want to be and creating a more fulfilling life. We believe this is best accomplished by increasing our self awareness, and developing those thoughts and behaviors that help create the life we want. This kind of personal growth develops the whole self—mind, body and soul—in all areas of life: relationships, work, play, creative pursuits, physically, spiritually, etc. While many people go through their whole lives without consciously trying to develop themselves in these ways, those who do, find it useful and deeply rewarding.

There are many paths for personal growth. Each of us must find the path (and more likely the paths) that works best for us at various points in our lives. Our personal goals for growth naturally shift with time and circumstance, and more often than not we may set out with one intention, only to discover something we did not expect. Sometimes we are launched involuntarily into a process of self-discovery in order to cope with a trauma and by so doing, find a gift of increased self awareness. It's helpful to remain as open as possible to what emerges and to not judge ourselves or others too much in this process. (There is a role for judging what's right for us, and for avoiding and preventing harm, but for the most part judging isn't all that helpful.)

paths to personal growth

Ultimately, we are all the designers of our personal development paths, and there are many resources to draw from along the way: therapists, coaches, friends, spiritual leaders, authors, institutes, workshops, various practices, etc. We are each unique in our needs and abilities and so most one-size-fits-all solutions will only help us to a certain extent. We encourage you to be creative in your approach, and to look for the things that truly resonate for you. There is something to be said for initially and periodically exploring a variety of approaches. But at some point you will benefit most by focusing your energies. A well-developed depth of knowledge, skill, and practice are often required to reap the richest rewards of any approach to personal development.

Having sung these praises for personal growth, it should be noted that it is not a journey for the faint of heart! It can be challenging to recognize and come to terms with unconscious beliefs and lifelong habits. It may feel like peeling off layers of an onion, each one revealing yet another set of issues and bringing forth some tears in the process. There are not many easy answers and only occasional miracles. Personal growth mostly takes courage and practice.

Personality tests are one way we can begin to increase our self awareness. Many test results point out our personal patterns and highlight how we see the world, how we behave, as well as our strengths and challenges. These descriptions often help us to see ourselves more clearly and uncover some of our assumptions and ways of being of which we were unaware. Just even beginning to think of ourselves in terms of how we fit into different patterns—are we more extroverted or introverted for example—will likely open us up to a world of greater self-knowledge.

In addition to this the MPM Personality Test, we write monthly essays that address a variety of topics related to self awareness. Our purpose is to offer an inspiring and useful idea for you to explore, along with short experiments for creating the good life for yourself. To read the archives and sign up to receive the monthly essay, visit

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