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MPM Owner's Manual

After completing the My Personality Manual (MPM) Personality Test, you will be able to preview your 4-page personalized MPM Owner's Manual which includes:

MPM 4 page manual            
  • common patterns of behavior
  • your strengths and gifts
  • possible blind spots
  • tailored strategies for personal growth
  • suggestions for self care
  • how to improve relationships
  • how to work better with others
  • how others can better work with you
  • work environments that fit you
  • your Enneagram type
  • your Jungian type

Equipped with your MPM Owner's Manual you will begin to see yourself and your behavior more clearly, including how to more fully realize your potential.

Your personalized MPM Owner's Manual is just $4.49

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How to Use Your Manual for Maximum Benefit

We recommend that you read through your MPM Owner's Manual from time to time and focus on one area you would like to improve. Once you've become more aware of your patterns in that area, you can introduce a new behavior or habit. Do not try to change too much at once. "Little and often" is a good strategy for creating lasting changes. By working your way through your MPM Owner's Manual this way you will deepen your self-awareness and develop new life-enhancing habits.

You may find it helpful to share the information in your MPM Owner's Manual with friends, family, and co-workers. By exchanging this information with them, you can share better ways for understanding and communicating with each other. You will come to realize just how differently people see the world and the variety of goals and strategies everyone has. Our hope is that this leads you to have greater appreciation and compassion for yourself and the people around you.

If you are interested in further developing yourself, take a look at the Personal Development page.

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