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The online My Personality Manual (MPM) Personality Test is designed to create for you a 4-page personalized MPM Owner's Manual to help you learn more about yourself including your strengths, blind spots, and suggestions for relationships, self care and at work. These descriptions and suggestions are based on your identified Enneagram and Jungian types.

MPM Personality Test takes just 15 minutes

To start, simply click the blue "start personality test" button. Most people complete the test in less than 12 minutes. It's best if you have some privacy and do not feel rushed.

During the test, you will be ranking and choosing descriptions, selecting the ones that describe you best. Some of the questions will ask you to look at your behavior and attitudes in ways that may be new to you. At times you may find it difficult to choose. Do your best to find the descriptions that fit you, and if you get stuck, go with your first instinct.

In order to offer you a more holistic view of your character, we use both the Enneagram and Jungian theories of personality. Each theory looks at different aspects of personality and compliments the other. The Enneagram looks at your core concerns and strategies while the Jungian types are helpful for describing how you process information and express yourself. See the Personality Types page for more about these typing systems.

At the end of the test, you will be asked to score how well your results describe your personality. We appreciate your answers, as they help us refine the test.

Once you have your final results you will be able to buy or see a preview of your personalized MPM Owner's Manual. After paying via Paypal, you will then have two options for viewing and saving your Personality Manual. You will be able to open it online as a PDF, and you will be able send it by email as a PDF attachment.

You will also be asked for some optional information such as your gender, age range, and if you know your personality types. This helps us improve the test scoring. All the information we collect is confidential and is used for statistical analysis only.

We hope you find this test useful, and that you will share it with your friends and family. By sharing your results, you can learn more about each other and strengthen your relationships.

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