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Coaching Reports

For coaches, consultants or other professionals who help clients with personal development and self-awareness, we offer Coaching Reports. These reports are sent to you after your client has completed the MPM test and received their manual. They contain a copy of the 4-page manual your client receives, plus a deeper analysis of the way they answered the questions and their results.

We offer Coaching Reports bundled with pre-paid Manuals, so that you can offer your clients the MPM Personality Test and Manual at no cost to them. Contact us if you are interested.

Using Test Results and Manuals with Clients

The Enneagram and MBTI results offer you initial insights into your client's personality and help you more quickly tailor your work with them.

The quality of any test results depends on the quality of the test and the quality of the test taker. We have spent several years developing MPM's methodology, scoring, and questions such that over 85% of those who take it report that the results fit them quite well or perfectly.

Test takers vary in their self-awareness and their comfort and ability in answering test questions. People who are not used to thinking of themselves in particular ways may not find it easy to accurately respond to some questions. In addition a test taker's mood, timing, and immediate environment can impact the quality of the results.

This is why we see the MPM test results as a good estimate of what someone's Enneagram and MBTI are, but not as conclusive. Ultimately that is something for an individual to determine for themselves.

So the first avenue to explore with your client is to distinguish what appears to them to be accurate about their results and what doesn't. The Coaching Report provides you with a more detailed accounting of your client's answers to help you explore their results further as you work with them. Two particular ways these may be helpful are:

Misidentification: In cases where the Enneagram or MBTI results are not accurate, seeing how your client scored for each Enneagram type and components of the MBTI will indicate the other Enneagram types and MBTI types they are likely to be. Their pattern of responses may also indicate blind spots where they are not seeing themselves clearly.

Wings: Each person may relate to their Enneagram wings more or less. These are the numbers on either side of their type number. There are different theories as to how wings work, but overall it can be helpful to look at these numbers to see if they offer additional insight and nuance.

For further reading on using these Manuals see the Owner's Manual page for the section on "How to Use Your Manual for Maximum Benefit" and the Personal Development page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions as to how we could make this information more useful to you and your clients.

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